Lynsey Douglas
Let Me Out!Sleepy OtterSea Otter Mussel Teeth PickerTaking to the TreesVogue Otter OscarNight DipNapLazy BumOtter BalanceSecluded SwimOtter pileReflectI Just Want to Hold Your PawPhoto-bomb Sir Edmund OtteryOH HAYNom Nom SnowContemplative OtterSmug Otter is SmugTickle Fight
A series of otter themed drawings and painting. The whole point of this series is just that, it is to be of otters. Nothing else. Mostly because otters are perhaps the greatest animal alive. And people cant help but look at an image of and otter and go “AWWWWWWW”. So I guess the point of this series is to make people smile and go “AWWWWW”, to cheer someone up. Because you never know when someone may need that.